VZ Properties

Paid Social

 Follower Increase

Engagement Increase

 Lead Gen Increase



Following an ongoing Organic Social campaign with VZ Properties, we were tasked to increase lead generation through a Paid Social strategy. 

This campaign was to take place throughout the Stamp Duty Holiday extension period. Ultimately the main aim was to increase the number of scheduled calls into the sales team during this period.


Using a combination of Organic and Paid Social, we were able to increase brand awareness and interest in the property development through Facebook Ads. 

Our ads consisted of engaging animations and infographics in regards to the savings to be made from the Stamp Duty Holiday extension.


500% Follower Increase

70% Engagement Increase

50% Lead Generation Increase

"NIRD is a new wave digital social media product promoter. Their business approach is to learn about their clients and seamlessly extend marketing initiatives into social and business digital media such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. They are willing to both learn and share their knowledge in a professional and personable manner."

Bill Houle, CEO 

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